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"As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists." - Joan Gussow

who am I

I am a baker. I enjoy cooking and learning about many types of food,  however, baking is where it all started.


Time and Quality
Everything takes time. It is when I bake that I embrace the significance of patience. It is when I am baking that I give up control and let the ingredients and time dictate my experience.


I highly value the quality of my work. This  means that some desserts might be mixed by hand and some may need to rest for an entire day before it can be baked or served. Some requires no wait at all, but are best appreciated the moment after it is baked. I highly value quality and will not settle for "good enough". I've learned that quality commands time from me and from the people I serve.


Responsibility and Honesty

I cook with a conscience.


Desserts may be a guilty pleasure, an indulgence, or a special treat, but this doesn’t mean that they should be filled with chemicals created to preserve some arbitrary quality. I believe that our irreplaceable body should be fed with natural ingredients. This is my biggest challenge yet, as I am surrounded with ingredients that are made solely to boost profit and I live in a country where profit seems valued more than the health of our community. I am a consumer too and I believe that we can demand for food to be made from natural and honest ingredients. I am a cook and a baker who refuses to use ingredients solely to preserve and extend a product’s life. I serve what I eat. You may have heard this several times before, but it is true for me. If I can’t eat it, I won't make it. If I can't serve it to my family, I won't serve it to anyone.

Passion – Sharing  My Work​

For me, food is a never-ending journey of learning. My appetite for learning and my demand for the highest quality product from myself are what fuels part of my passion. However, my passion can only be achieved when my work is shared. I believe that food is a medium to connect. As I connect with you through my food, my wish is for you to use my creation to connect with yourself and others.

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